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  Located in the Chinese historical and cultural city - Yangzhou City, founded in 1972. After nearly thirty years of development and growth, has now grown into a set of environmental protection engineering, chemical engineering, chemical equipment manufacturing, environmental engineering design research, chemical engineering design, steel sales, real estatedevelopment as one of the famous enterprise groups.

  Group for many years was named "Jiangsu Province, the contract and trustworthy enterprise", "Jiangsu Province, the international consulting AAA credit enterprise", "Yangzhou city for thirteen consecutive years, the contract and keeping promises enterprises", "Jiangsu province intensive high-tech enterprises". Has three types of pressure vessel design and manufacturing license, hazardous chemicals packaging container manufacturing license, oil chemical equipment and pipeline two level installation qualification certificate for the company's long-term development has laid a solid foundation. Qing Feng engineering group of the existing staff of about 1350 people, gathered a number of domestic well-known experts for the technical backbone, with a rich theoretical and practical experience of the GAOKE technology research and development team. Complete professional categories, advanced technology and equipment, and with dozens of scientific research institutions, colleges and universities and design and establish a good technical cooperation relationship, so that the peak has a strong product development capabilities.

  Group of non standard chemical equipment annual productivity of 100000 tons, of which: 80000 tons of carbon steel equipment, 10000 tons of stainless steel equipment, 4000 tons of glass fiber, plastic equipment 2000 tons, 2500 tons of lead equipment, other equipment 1500 tons. With 80 kt / a sulphur burning sulphuric acid equipment, 2 00000 tons of pyrite based sulphuric acid plant, 2 00000 tons of acid device made of metallic zinc and copper, lead smelter sulphuric acid plant design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, the ability to drive.

  Group for many years has been committed to sulfuric acid plant, petrochemical, non-ferrous smelting, coking and chemical production, environmental protection, environmental management, pressure vessel and FRP anti-corrosion equipment design research and development work. Construction and manufacturing equipment, through the country and abroad more than 1000 user feedback and use, in the advanced nature of technology, quality stability, the use of reliability and perfect after-sales service, etc., are widely praised by users.

  Qing Feng people insist on innovation, based on science and technology, improve the process, good after-sales service, the pursuit of excellence, will uphold the moral demeanor of honest and trustworthy and social circles of insight to work together in the future!

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