Quality inspection department

  Yangzhou Qing song Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is the company's quality management organization, responsible for the company's product quality inspection and management work. QC department is equipped with product inspection room, quality management office, measuring room, welding laboratory, physical and chemical room and testing room. Existing types of quality inspection and management personnel, 26, hold all kinds of inspection certificate qualification play 40 times, belong to quality assurance, product assurance, product testing, nondestructive testing and comprehensive four daily working group;

  Quality assurance group: responsible for the daily operation of the company's ISI9000-2000 quality management system and the D2 grade pressure vessel quality assurance system.

  Product inspection team: responsible for the company's product manufacturing inspection and on-site project department to install the engineering quality inspection work.

  Non destructive testing group: responsible for the product and field project of the company's products in the field of nondestructive testing.

  Comprehensive group: responsible for all kinds of materials for the inspection and testing, and the issue of the certificate of delivery.

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